Lextran De-SNOx facility . Coal-fired heating boiler at Beijing International Airport at the capacity equivalent to 20 MWe .

Implemented in a WFGD environment, the unique process advantages of the Lextran process can be realized in the following main solutions:

Lextran’s multi-pollutants: with a generic 85% cost of lime FGD facility and 70% of the running costs, Lextran simultaneous process introduces a dramatic saving compared to traditional dedicated facilities which have to be implemented sequentially. Bottom line – cost saving of at least 40% in construction, and 50% in operational costs.

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Retrofit and/or upgrade: many plants have Wet FGD of some sort installed. Whether to increase the SO2 removal efficiency or to achieve NOx removal without the need to build another dedicated facility, Lextran is ideal to retrofit existing scrubbers.

Small boilers: there are many small boilers of the size < 150 MW capacity. For these boilers it is not practical to consider lime FGD operation because of the prohibitive initial cost, and for the real-estate needed. In both cases, Lextran offers a very cost effective and suitable solution.